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We work very fast and hard for our clients. We take the stress away from moving through different banks. We’ll work with our contacts, and lenders networks reviewing and securing your financial needs.


We believe each customer are different and our customers are our priority. We take the stress away from you and take everything into our hands and find the right solution which suits your needs.


We pride ourselves on customer service. You can always rely on us when it comes to your loans. We’ll look at your current loans and financial circumstances and find the right solution which suits your individual needs.


We are customer focus and believe in looking after you. We always support you from the day you start your application until the settlement date providing you with the right advice.

Speak Your Language

We cater for your needs. You don’t need to worry about anything. We take care of all the paper works and we believe you only do what you are better at doing.

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You don’t need to come to us. We are happy to meet you wherever its convenient for you whether be at your workplace, your house, or a restaurant.

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Our Team

Ekta Gill
Lending Coach / Director

Mob :0433 886 923 

Email: info@financeship.com.au

Aisha Sharmal
Team Leader

Mob: 0450 722 122

Email: aisha@financeship.com.au

Mudit Sahai
Lending Manager

Mob: 0433 049 772

Email: mudit@financeship.com.au

Baljinder Kaur
Lending Manager

Mob: 0420 625 589


Lending Manager

Mob: 0430 103 536


Saurabh Sharma
Lending Manager

Mob: 0431 677 961


Senthilkumar Bojan
Lending Manager

Mob: 0498 277 153




  • My new venture wouldn’t have been possible without you people. I really appreciate how you guys took all the pains for me and got my loan approved~

    Wang Shu
  • You people have a great team ! Never expected that I can get all the paper work done for my car from my home itself and that too in so less time. Keep up the great work !

    Jack Wilson
  • Outstanding service !! I wanted to go on a honeymoon to Thailand but was short on funds. You people made it really easy for me. Thanks a ton !

    Jasvinder Sidhu
  • I would like to thank you for helping me out for loan, you guys are BEST, I was recommended by my friend and I am very happy I have decided to go with you, Everything was smooth and easy no issues at all, all I did was nothing 🙂 but you guys have done a lot. I would say anybody who is in need of loans or any sort of help please go with “financeship” without any hesitation.

    Sajed Mohammed Abdul
  • All thanks to you guys that now I am in my new home. Without you people it would have never been possible. You took care of all the troubles without involving me. Kudos !

    Amelia Jones

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